Upholstered Headboard Ideas
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Upholstered Headboard Ideas
When decorating a bedroom, don't overlook the design potential of the headboard. A headboard can become the focal point of the room, making an impact with its size or its style. Upholstering the headboard is one way to instantly give it more impact in your bedroom. Because you can use fabrics in a variety of colors, patterns and textures, the possibilities are nearly endless.
Tufting the fabric on an upholstered headboard makes it look more expensive and sumptuous. Satin and velvet work especially well for tufting, but any fabric and pattern that you like will do. Purchase extra fabric to cover the upholstery buttons that will be used to give the headboard its tufted look. The number of buttons required for the project depends on the size of your headboard, so decide on the placement of the buttons and drill corresponding holes in the backing board. Use foam filler to pad the backing board and cover the headboard with your chosen fabric, stapling it in place on the back. After the upholstery buttons are covered in fabric, attach them to the headboard by sewing them through the pre-drilled holes in the backing board. Pull the thread as tightly as possible before knotting it at the back of the headboard.
Choosing a bold fabric for your upholstered headboard lets you incorporate a daring pattern without overwhelming the space. Consider using a funky animal print fabric to upholster your headboard and pair it with a neutral wall color and solid linens and window coverings. In a child's or teenager's bedroom, using an animal print fabric that has a fuzzy texture can add even more fun to the room's decor.
For a bedroom with a cabin or country theme, a rustic-looking fabric can give your upholstered headboard a more natural feel. Burlap, for example, can be found in interesting patterns at many fabric stores. Grain sacks may also be sewn together to create a fabric sheet for upholstering your headboard, giving it an authentic look that will complement your country theme.
A headboard that is upholstered in a plain, solid-colored fabric that lacks texture or sheen may look a bit drab. To give a basic upholstery job a boost, add decorative elements such as cording or braided trim. Line the entire upholstered portion of the headboard with your chosen decorative trim to give it a polished, finished appearance. Metallic trim in gold, silver or bronze gives upholstered headboards an opulent look, creating a luxurious feel in the bedroom.

Decide how high you want the headboard on the wall. The height depends upon what function the headboard serves. A purely decorative headboard rests lower than a headboard you intend to use as a backrest. Position a headboard as a backrest at least at the height of your head when you are in a sitting position on the bed.

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