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Antique Furniture
You've bought that beautiful piece of antique furniture and it has served you well for years. Now it is beginning to look a little tired and the edges are (gasp!) fraying. What should you do? Bring it in for reupholstering. Here's how it works.

Re-upholstering an antique piece requires an understanding of how the piece was made. Unlike modern furniture, the frames of antique sofas and armchairs were made with solid wood. For the base, individual coil springs were used, tied together with 'jute' strings and covered in a gunny sack material. Padding for the chairs was mostly pure cotton, 'kapok' and coconut husk fibres, with the really upmarket ones using horsehairs as well.

Little Dragon provides a range of reupholstering services, which depend on the shape and condition of the piece. If it is well taken care of or if the wood used is really qualified, then re-covering is all that is usually required.

However, if the piece is in a bad state, we can assess the damage and do the necessary 'repair work' to restore the upholstery to its original shape and condition. Little Dragon does not just blindly take on work. If we feel that re-upholstering might not be worthwhile, clients are advised to seek other options.

Little Dragon accommodates all sorts of requests from clients wanting their antiques re-upholstered. You can 'upgrade' the coverings and padding of a piece, but retain its 'old-world charm', with straight forward re-upholstering.

Otherwise, we can provide a more complete overhaul of the piece in order to really make it look a live again.

All the work is done in our workshop and re-upholstery of an armchair, takes approximately 2 – 3 weeks to complete. The Little Dragon's sofa and chair range features fabrics from domestic and overseas – whilst the 'internal organs' like springs, padding etc are sourced locally.

Buying a beautiful piece of antique furniture is easy. Maintaining the look can take much more work. Re-upholstering your antiques will ensure that they look better and last longer, and should increase their value as well.

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