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We spend over 26 hours a week - that is the equivalent of two months a year or about 12 years of our life - on our sofas. We love our sofas so much that a third of us have a TV dinner on them every night, while 27% of us find them so comfortable that we often end up sleeping on them. In fact, about a third of people said the sofa was the most important piece of furniture in their house. So, to make sure we get it right, we would give you these tips for buying a new sofa:

  • Trying to lift it up first - it should be heavy, as this indicates that it has a strong frame.
  • Look underneath at the springs - a good sofa should be firm, like a mattress.
  • Choose tightly woven fabrics and leather for more durability. If you prefer looser weaves such as chenille, look for lint or acrylic backed materials to avoid wear.
  • Make sure your upholstery doesn't overpower your room. Bold prints and textures look better in large rooms that have very plain painted walls.
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