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Before spending a bundle on a new sofa, don't be a couch potato – get the facts about basic construction. Sofas are not all created equal.
Springs – The spring construction favored by manufacturers is the “no-sag” spring. These are thick “S”-shaped wires that are fastened to the top of the front rail and run from the front to the back of the piece every few inches apart for the greatest stability. This is what gives a sofa its bounce and is used in the base of better-quality pieces. This spring system is often used in contemporary sofas that sit lower to the ground. Be sure to ask the salesperson about the sofa's spring system.
Frames – LITTLE DRAGON frames consist of engineered 7/8" hardwood and some 4/4" and 5/4" hardwoods where applicable. Each part is precisely cut to pattern and assembled by mortise and tenon construction. Each joint is glued and locked in place using heavy wire staples. Every frame is pre-tested for strength and durability using LITTLE DRAGON's own quality control prior to adoption. All exposed wood occasional chairs are constructed using 5/4" mixed hardwoods with component parts being joined by double dowel, wire staple, and screw construction.
Padding/Cushions – The comfort of a sofa depends on its padding and cushions. The level of firmness, or softness, is a matter of personal preference. In better-quality sofas, such as those found in LITTLE DRAGON's Luxuries collection, blendown cushions add a luxurious feel to the surface. Blendown cushions offer the softest seat, featuring a combination of down and feathers wrapped around a foam core and then encased in a muslin bag. The most common – and least expensive – seat padding consists of high-density polyurethane foam wrapped in polyester fiber. Check the manufacturer's tag for information about the specific padding used in the sofa.
Fabrics – People want upholstered furniture in fabrics that feel as good as they look. Traditionally, the most popular fabrics were natural ones – cotton, linen, silk and wool – prized for their softness and versatility but generally more fragile than synthetic fibers. Recently, new fabrics have been developed which offer both softness and durability. Rayon chenille, for example, feels sumptuous and always looks elegant. Be careful washing the fabric that brings out the yarn's subtle colorations and makes the fabric even more durable. This is carefree luxury: you can put your feet up on the upholstery without worry.
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