Live Green

You may or may not be aware that Little Dragon often employs the same skills we use in quality furniture construction to breathe new life into pieces of well-loved furniture.  In fact, it is during this time of the year that we receive most of these requests.

If you’re planning to leave for part of the summer, why not return to find your favorite sofa or chair restored to its original glory!

If you originally purchased the piece of furniture from us, we offer steep discounts to reflect our service agreements and our commitment to maintaining the quality of those pieces representing our brand.

If the piece of furniture is not a Little Dragon, we are happy to consider the project and will always make a reasonable offer for our service.

Buying quality, lasting furniture is environmentally friendly - especially if it is constructed of natural materials.  And by restoring furniture rather than replacing it, you can create less waste and live "greener".

Here’s a quick primer on what we can do for you:


We’ll replace the outer fabric or leather.  You can have the original or near-original style or something fresh and new.  We have an extensive selection from which you can choose.


We’ll get to the heart of the matter.  Whether your sofa needs a facelift or a tummy-tuck, we’ll have it looking and feeling like the day you bought it.


We’ll take what you thought was the end of the road for your favorite antique sofa and start it on a brand new journey.

We look forward to seeing you again!

Don’t forget that our store is now located at 339 Changle Lu.

T: 54039867